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We are "The Innovators, not the Imitators"tm We created the Fireplace glass industry as it is known today.

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We are always designing new and exciting colors to add to our collection. Please revisit from time to time to see the newest additions.

If you click on the pictures below or the links on the left you will find thousands of pictures, honest!



mini clear diamonds 3


new yellow 2 New Yellow Base Glass

cp 4 Clear Platinum Base Glass

sb 4 Sky Blue Base Glass



platimun 1 Platinum Base Glass

bronze rust copper 2 Bronze Rust Copper Base Glass

clear white 6 Clear White Base Glass

14 bronze 2 100 1/4" Bronze Base Glass

starfire 3/16" Starfire Base Glass

14 gray 1001/4" Gray Base Glass

14 clear 1001/4" Clear Base Glass

1/4" Gray Reflective Base Glass

   1/4 Black Base Glass         

1/8" Clear Base Glass

f blue 1/4" Ford Blue Base Glass

gray pyrite 100 1/4" Gray Pyrite Base Glass

graylite ref 100 1/4" Black Reflective Base Glass

14solexsmall 1/4" Solex Base Glass

14evergreensmall 1/4" Evergreen Base Glass

 pink rosa 100 1/4" Pink Rosa Base Glass

blue green 100 1/4" Blue Green Base Glass

1/4 1/4" Gold Reflective Base Glass

azurlite3 1/4" Azurlite Base Glass


14 starfire 100 1/4" Starfire Base Glass

solex 10 1/8 Solex Base Glass

blue green 3003/16" Blue Green Base Glass

1/8 gray 100 1/8 Gray Base Glass

1/2 starfire 100 1/2 Starfire Base Glass

1/4 clear gray 100 1/4 Clear Gray Base Glass

1/4 green pyrite 100 1/4 Green Pyrite Base Glass

1/4 blue pyrite 100 1/4" Blue Pyrite Base Glass

3/4 clear 100 3/4" Clear Cubes Base Glass


1/4 chunky clear 300 1/4" Chunky Clear Base Glass

1/8 black 100 1/8" Black Base Glass

1/4 evergreen 100 1/8" Evergreen Base Glass

1/4 waterwhite clear 100 1/4" Water White Clear Base Glass

amber 100 Amber Base Glass

1/4 black reflective 100 1/4" Black Reflective Base Glass

1/2 starfire 100 1/2" Starfire Base Glass  

1/4 gray clear 100 1/4 Gray Clear Mix Base Glass

3/16 clear 100 3/16" Clear Base Glass

34 starfire 23/4" Starfire Base Glass

3/4 clear with 1003/4" Clear with Fishers Base Glass

1/81/8" Water White Base Glass

3/16 bronze 1003/16" Bronze Base Glass

solex reflective 1001/4" Solex Reflective Base Glass

azurlite reflective 1001/4" Azurlite Reflective Base Glass

v blue reflective 1001/4" V Blue Reflective Base Glass

e green reflective 1001/4" Evergreen Reflective Base Glass

blue green reflective 1001/4" Blue Green Reflective Base Glass

bronze reflective 1001/4" Bronze Reflective Base Glass

18 azurlite 1001/8" Azurlite Base Glass

12 bronze 1001/2" Bronze Base Glass

38 azurlite 1001/2" Azurlite Base Glass

38 blue green 1003/8" Blue Green Base Glass

12 clear1/2" Clear Base Glass

12 chunky clear1/2" Chunky Clear Base Glass

chunky bronze1/4" Chunky Bronze Base Glass

clear lightClear Light Base Glass

gray lightGray Light Base Glass

316 bg 1003/16 Blue Green Base Glass

clear pyrite 100Clear Pyrite Base Glass

super black 100Super Black Base Glass

316 ww 1003/16 Water White Base Glass

316 gray 1003/16 Gray Base Glass

12 gray 1001/2 Gray Base Glass

ice clear 100Ice Clear Topper

ice bg 100Ice Blue Green Topper

38 clear 1003/8 Clear Base Glass

f blue ref 100Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass

18 frosted 1001/8 Frosted Base Glass

18 starfire 1001/8 Starfire Base Glass

18 brz ref 1001/8 Bronze Reflective Base Glass

v blue 2000 100 1V Blue 2000 Base Glass

18 brz 100 11/8" Bronze Base Glass

14 brz 100 11/4" Bronze Base Glass

38 brz 100 13/8" Bronze Base Glass

38 chunky cl 100 13/8" Chunky Clear Base Glass

12 frosted 100 11/2" Frosted Base Glass

38 gray 100 13/8" Gray Base Glass

316 solex 100 13/16" Solex Base Glass

38 sf 100 13/8" Starfire Base Glass

18 frosted 1 300 1/4" Frosted Base Glass

f blue light ref 1 1/4" Ford Blue Light Reflective Base Glass

Newest Topping Colors!

copper blue g23 3 Copper Blue G023F3 Topping

green luster g063 3Green Luster G067F3 Topping

lipstick 3Lipstick R316F3 Topping

lipstick 5 Lipstick R316F2 Topping

lipstick 12Lipstick R316F0 Topping

spring green 100Spring Green 1426 Topping

light sky blue purple 100Light Sky Blue Purple 1414 Topping

light aqua marine blue 100Aqua Marine Blue Light 1408 Topping

coral orange 100Coral Orange 1834 Topping

neo lavendar 100Neo Lavendar 1842 Topping

light green 100Light Green 1107 Topping

blue juniper 100Blue Juniper 1806 Topping

rhubarb pink green 100Rhubarb Pink Green 1859 Topping

emerald green 100Emerald Green 1417 Topping

deep royal 100Deep Royal 1114 Topping

medium amber 100 Medium Amber 1137 Topping

neo lavendar shift 100Neo Lavender Shift 1842 Topping

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We Make Fire Cool!

Moderustic® is proud to have been issued 4 U.S. Patent Numbers
and Patent pending status!
Covering our method of creating tumbled tempered glass for use in fireplaces and fire pits.
Patent Applications Published 2005, 2006 and 2014.

 Propane Prop 65 Warnings

Our Glass is SAFE and See Why!

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Copyright 2003 -2017 All Rights Reserved. 
Copyright 2003 - 2017 All Rights Reserved.

We Make Fire Cool!

Moderustic® is proud to have been issued 4 U.S. Patent Numbers
and Patent pending status!
Covering our method of creating tumbled tempered glass for use in fireplaces and fire pits.
Patent Applications Published 2005, 2006 and 2014.



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  • Refunds will not be given for non-product labor costs (consulting fees, installation fees, labor, shipping etc.)
  • Restock fees may apply depending on which items are being returned. (30% to 70%) Glass/ burning products 30%, Burners 50%, Custom Burners 70%, Metal Pans or any Custom Metal Work, Electronics are not returnable ever!
  • All returns must have a return authorization (we are not responsible for products being shipped to incorrect addresses due to non-compliance of this policy)
  • No returns or exchanges will be accepted for any custom metal products or electronics what so ever!
  • No returns will be accepted for ICS/ Fire Falls, or any other standard or custom fire pits.
  • No returns on products that contain electronics (if they were used or installed)
  • We are not responsible for local codes and or if any of our products are or are not approved. Please check with your local building department or governing agencies for proper approvals before purchasing. Custom built or designed items are not returnable for any reason. It is your responsibility to make sure our products do not violate your local building codes.  We cannot accept returns should you encounter these issues with your local building authorities.
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We Make Fire Cool!

Moderustic® is proud to have been issued 4 U.S. Patent Numbers
and Patent pending status!
Covering our method of creating tumbled tempered glass for use in fireplaces and fire pits.
Patent Applications Published 2005, 2006 and 2014.

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Note* When calling for any technical support we ABSOLUTELY (maybe)
require Digital photos from a camera not your phone (if that is all you have, then that's fine).

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